Bring to life an inspiring space, that strikes the perfect balance between beauty and utility.

Architect building model

We're surrounded by built environment, but did you ever stop to consider what goes into the design, planning and construction of our surroundings? An architect could tell you exactly what's involved.

What draws architects to their craft is the ability to create something both imaginative and utilitarian, that real people can use and be inspired by. If you've got a knack for design and a passion for the spaces we inhabit, an architecture degree may lead you into a career you'll love.

What you'll learn

In a typical architecture course, you'll cover off key skills to prepare you for work in the field, or further study. These areas include:

  • architectural design
  • history and philosophy of architecture
  • cultural influence in architecture
  • building science and environmental impact
  • construction technologies
  • 3d computer-aided design and modelling
  • technical drawing
  • model making

We offer a range of architecture courses online, delivered by leading Australian universities. A Bachelor of Architecture (or similar) will give you specific architectural-based knowledge, whereas a Bachelor of Design is perfect for those who want to delve into architecture as part of a broader design course.

After an architecture degree

Graduates of an architecture degree have the choice of various job roles, which include:

  • Architect - Specialise in the aesthetic design of buildings, and also manage such aspects as contracts, research, technical specifications and team leadership.
  • Draftsperson - Create technical drawings, that serve as a plan for builders to follow.
  • Landscape Architect - Design public spaces including parks, playgrounds and educational campuses, to ensure both visual appeal and functionality.
  • Urban planner - Plan out the use of urban and rural land, considering such aspects as housing, transportation, and public spaces and facilities.
  • Interior or spatial designer - Use architectural knowledge, design skills and project management expertise to design or renovate internal spaces, for domestic, commercial or leisure use.
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Put your knowledge of biology and chemistry under the microscope, and examine science through the lens of biodiversity, conservation, and spatial ecology.

Use your skills to tackle climate change, reduce pollution, and conserve threatened species. Join the ranks of environmental scientists who dedicate themselves to making a difference. With an environmental science qualification, you can play a crucial role solving today’s environmental challenges.

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