Secondary school teacher

Secondary School Teachers are in charge of teaching the curriculum to students. Another part of the job is considering the emotional and intellectual development of students. Secondary School Teachers oversee discussions and supervise class work.

Duties and tasks

  • Creating and administering tests as well as assignments
  • Ensuring that there is ample discipline in classes
  • Grading and marking tests and assignments
  • Overseeing extracurricular activities like trips, sports and clubs
  • Providing supervision to student teachers
  • Taking part in staff meetings and educational conferences
  • Teaching set curriculum to students through a variety of techniques
  • Using creative means to develop the abilities and interests of students
  • When relevant, talking with students and parents about progress

Skills required

  • Accurately conveying details to other individuals
  •  Employing teaching methods appropriate for given situations
  • Fully participating in the listening process and comprehending various points being made
  • Instructing people
  • Reacting to others actions and changing actions accordingly

Working conditions

Secondary School Teachers usually work regular school hours. They will also work additional hours preparing materials, attending functions, and attending meetings and seminars. Most teachers do not work over the summer.

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