How to become a primary school teacher

Give lessons to children that facilitate intellectual and social development.

What does a primary school teacher do?

Primary School Teachers help children develop the intellectual and social skills they need to be ideal members of society. These teachers create lesson plans and resources, and facilitate learning with pupils by establishing a positive relationship. Primary school teachers inspire children to deepen their understanding/knowledge and develop themselves.

Duties and tasks

  • Craft and develop lesson plans to meet curriculum objectives in all primary areas
  • Educate and inspire children from 5-12 years old, depending on the Foundation/Key Stage level
  • Maintain discipline in the classroom
  • Provide feedback to parents on students progress during parents events and private meetings (when necessary)
  • Take responsibility for the progress of a class and meet teaching requirements for any assessments they may take
  • Work within a school system and under a particular set of rules

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