School principal

School Principals manage the proper administration and functioning of educational institutions. They oversee teachers and administration at the school to ensure that students are receiving quality education and that proper safety and disciplinary procedures are in place.

Duties and tasks

  • Apply standard procedures for keeping record of enrolment and monitoring students performance
  • Create standardised disciplinary code for the school to promote a safe learning environment and enforce rules as needed
  • Hire and supervise all staff including teachers, administration, food service and janitor staff
  • Manage and oversee the school budget, admissions and educational services, and school cleaning and maintenance
  • Network with other schools in the area and district, and attend meetings and conferences regarding educational issues and services in the community
  • Schedule and direct meetings between parents, students and teachers if strong disciplinary action or intervention is required
  • Work with teachers and staff to plan and oversee educational curriculum that adheres to standards set by local and state governments

Skills required

  • Administrative Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Organisational Skills
  • Problem Solving Capabilities
  • Strong Management Abilities

Working conditions

School Principals typically work Mondays to Fridays during school hours and preparatory times. They work in an office setting within the administration building of schools, but may travel around the school to oversee staff and students. They may also be required to attend evening meetings or conferences with boards and governing bodies.

Professional associations / Industry information

Department of Education (WA) 

Department of Education and Training (ACT) 

NSW Teachers Federation 

Queensland College of Teachers 

Teachers Registration Board of South Australia 

Victorian Institute of Teaching 

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