Personnel Manager

A Personnel Manager title can describe a variety of jobs that manage the hiring and developing of employees in a company/organization. Based in the human resources field, personnel managers can include such positions as human resources generalists, benefits and compensation managers, HR managers, and training and development managers. HR (or personnel) "specialists" may also take on managerial roles.

Duties and tasks

  • Administer retirement/health plans for companies as required
  • Advise on employ issues such as benefits, pay, promotions, etc.
  • Handle educational development opportunities for employees, such as workshops
  • Recruit and manage training of new employees, plan advertising to attract recruits
  • Work closely with employees and support their growth/well-being

Skills required

  • A Masters degree in similar fields is often preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills/interpersonal skills, as well as active listening skills and organisational skills
  • Generally requires at least a Bachelors degree in business, organisation development, human resources, etc.
  • Several years of progressive leadership in HR or similar positions
  • The ability to travel when necessary

Working conditions

The work environment for Personnel Managers is truly dependent on their employing company's culture as they work closely with employees. Personnel managers work with a variety of people/employees on a daily basis and are generally provided excellent salaries. Some positions may require travel and involvement at conferences, job fairs, etc. Traditional office hours are standard.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Human Resources Institute 

Australian Institute of Office Professionals

Recruitment and Consulting Services Association 

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