Tomasz’ story – A Security degree from Macquarie University

Fascinated by political systems across the world, Tomasz has found himself the perfect degree in Security. He doesn't even need to step foot on campus.

Tomasz was born in Poland, and through his formative years, he developed an interest in the political situations of different countries, and how they interact with each other. “I’ve always been interested in geopolitics, since I was 12. Plenty of times I would correct teachers at school because they weren’t historically accurate.” Tomasz smirks. It’s no surprise that he ended up in Macquarie University’s Bachelor of Security Studies, after trialling a few different career options.

Tomasz previously held a Management degree, but found that it wasn’t for him. Motivated to make a change in his life, he enrolled with OUA, and was able to try out an assortment of subjects from different fields of study. “I took bits and pieces of everything that caught my attention – critical thinking, mind and body, contemporary security studies, and human rights subjects” explains Tomasz. “That gave me an idea of what worked for me. Bachelor of Security Studies I did, because I did really well with contemporary security studies. So I’m thinking, okay, you’re pretty good at this.”

Tomasz smiling in backyard

It turns out that Tomasz was right. He’s doing well in his course, and feels as fascinated as ever in the topic of security. In fact, he plans to continue onto a Masters degree, and then a PHD. “What I want to do through my PHD is to look at the impact that non-state actors have on human and environmental security”. He’s been discussing this as possible research area with his lecturer, and what specific aspects of security he is most passionate about.

When it comes to study, Tomasz believes in asking why. He advises his fellow students to be courageous, and not to fear what they might consider a stupid question. “That stupid question may be the most important one you ask in your life – so I say, go for it”.

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