Screen, games and entertainment

Create, play and entertain!

Are you visually creative? Do you have a story to tell? From script to screen, or code to console, choose to study gaming, screen arts, 3d animation, and more. 

Learn about films on the big screen, games on the small screen, and the wider world of entertainment. Develop practical skills demanded by industry. Get studio-ready to work in the creative digital sector.

Make your mark on culture and influence how people see the world. Study the greats and pursue your own individual style. Extend your production abilities and boost your screenwriting talent. Engage in storytelling and publish your content—or create meaningful, useful and functional online environments for others.

Degrees to get you going in screen, games & entertainment

Subjects to start with in screen, games & entertainment

Produce words, designs, or animate and make an art of your talents 

Graduate and excel in a career in film, television, media, digital design or gamification. Imagine directing, producing or presenting. Become a screenwriter, or launch your own studio.


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