Environment and sustainability

Unearth a sustainable future

Study today to preserve and protect tomorrow. Find solutions to complex and topical environmental issues facing society. Seed ideas and cultivate sustainable business practices. 

Studying environment and sustainability opens abundant fields of specialisation and careers in demand to protect a world under threat from globalisation and climate change. 

Learn about sustainable energy alternatives. Get critical about environmental management and influence planning decisions. Learn about the changing composition of the Earth. Devise or debate policy or critically examine environmental law reforms. 

Dig into sustainable business and organisation practices and corporate responsibility. Get to the root of the broader topic of sustainability, and see how it manifests in topics like urban design, animal management and indigenous studies. 

Plant the seeds for a budding career in a growing field 

Work with community or environmental policy makers to guide decisions affecting where and how people live and work and coexist with nature. Examine biology, soil or environmental scientist careers. Explore energy economics roles and probe the energy market and powers of government regulators. Or, enter the corporate world where people, ethical decision-making, profits and the planet collide.



Improve your career prospects when you study through OUA and get accreditation from some of Australia’s peak, reputable organisations.

Australian Institute of Biology (AIB)
The AIB represents biology professionals throughout Australia. They promote education and research in biology, and speak on behalf of biologists with government and other organisations.

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