Jobs that pay 100k a year in Australia

From psych to construction to comms, there are plenty of high-paying industries out there. Here are some of your best bets if you want to make at least $100k in Australia.

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Living these days sure ain’t cheap—so it makes sense to pursue a profession that will land you a decent pay packet. But, where to begin? 

If you’re in need of some career option inspo, we’ve rounded up a list of jobs that pay at least $100k in Australia. It’s a pretty varied selection, so you’ll likely find something that suits your interests and skills. 

Is 100k a good salary in Australia?

Let’s dig into some stats. At the time of writing in 2024, the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures calculate Australia’s average weekly full-time earnings to be $1886.50, equating to $98,176 a year (that’s in AUD and before tax). 

However, keep in mind these stats are skewed by the small percentage of workers who have very high incomes, which impacts the averaging. By contrast, median weekly earnings were shown to be $1300, for an annual income of $67,600. 

For reference, the minimum full-time wage in Australia brings in $45,900 a year and there are professions (such as those in medicine or the upper echelons of the business world) that will bring in upwards of $200,000 (and, in some cases, a whole lot more than that). 

With inflation and cost of living on the rise, many people on low to average wages find their pay cheque disappears pretty quickly—especially if you’ve got a family to look after and a mortgage to pay. 

Generally speaking, $100,000 should allow you to live comfortably in Australia—but this depends on your individual circumstances (such as number of dependants) and expenses. 


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Jobs that make 100k a year

Okay, so how can you crack those six figures? Here’s a selection of roles that will net you $100k in Australia—or more—and what you need to do to land one. 

Construction manager 

A career in construction can pull in the big bucks, especially if you’re keen to gain skills in project or site management. As a construction manager, you’ll see builds come to life and make sure projects get delivered on time and on budget.  

Average salary

According to Payscale, you can expect an average base salary of $116,000 but will likely find roles closer to the $200,000 mark.  

What to study 

To become a construction manager, consider an undergraduate course, such as a Bachelor of Construction Management or start with an Undergraduate Certificate in Construction Management and progress from there. You’ll also have to comply with the builder’s registration requirements in your state or territory. 


For those interested in understanding people and the mysteries of the human mind, psychology can prove an endlessly fascinating profession. It can also be emotionally rewarding, as you help clients work towards better lives. 

Average salary

In Australia, clinical psychologists can make up to $125,000, according to Payscale, though the average salary sits at $90,000. 

What to study 

To become a clinical psychologist in Australia, you’ll need to commit to several years of study and complete a specific sequence of training. You’ll first complete a four-year undergrad, such as a Bachelor of Psychology. Then, after applying for provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia, you can complete a Master of Psychology, and then apply for general registration as a psychologist. 


Equal parts art and science, architecture is an intellectually challenging and rewarding field. You’ll help clients dream up boundary-pushing designs and maybe even find sustainable building solutions for our changing climate. 

Average salary

While you may start on a lower junior architect salary, you can work your way up to the $100,000 mark as a senior architect. According to Payscale, you can expect anywhere from $86,000 to $133,000 as a senior project architect in Australia. 

What to study 

To become a qualified and registered architect, consider starting with a course such as a Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science) and then progressing to a postgraduate course, such as a Master of Architecture. You’ll also have to go through the industry registration process to become a practising architect. 

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Who said writers have to commit to a life of poverty? If you have a flair for the written word, you may well find high-paying work as a copywriter. You can work across various fields, translating all manner of concepts into compelling words, and find work in agencies, in-house at companies or as a freelancer. 

Average salary 

Senior copywriting roles in Australia can fetch anywhere from $87,000 to $134,000, according to Payscale

What to study

Consider a writing course that has a professional writing element, to sharpen your wordsmithing chops and learn more about the industry—or look at a more general marketing course to diversify your skillset. 


There’s currently a big demand for skilled engineers in Australia—so you’ll likely find a good gig in this industry. There are all kinds of areas of expertise to choose from too, such as civil, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, environmental and marine engineering.

Average salary

In Australia, senior principal engineers can expect to earn anywhere from $114,000 to an impressive $222,000, according to Payscale, though it will depend on your specific area of engineering.

What to study

To become an engineer, you’ll need to undertake a four-year undergraduate degree, such as a Bachelor of Engineering. It’s worth thinking about what kind of engineer you’d like to become, so you can tailor your subjects or major to this path. You can then take on a graduate engineering position for two to three years, before becoming a fully qualified professional engineer.

Do you have to go to uni to make 100k?

As a general rule, completing tertiary study will certainly benefit you if you want to make $100k in Australia—or help you land a high-paying role earlier on in your career.

Don’t fret if you didn’t quite get the marks you wanted in school or if it’s been a while since you’ve studied. At Open Universities Australia, we help lots of people find a pathway into the course they want, which puts them on track to a successful (and lucrative!) career.

Feel free to chat with us about where you want to go. We’re always keen to help. 


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