Database & systems administrator

Maintain and operate databases, computer systems, IT security systems and networks.

Work in different types of organisations including information technology and communication engineering departments. Develop and implement security plans and procedures and optimise database and management system programs. You must have a high level of expertise in computer and security systems and excellent troubleshooting capabilities.

Duties and tasks

  • Develop and maintain database and software master plans including database and software design and construction
  • Develop criteria and procedures for the proper use and procurement of software and database management systems
  • Document and record operational activities and maintenance in database and system logs; prepare manuals and documents to distribute for system usage knowledge
  • Implement high levels of security programs to protect information from damage, embezzlement or alteration and work with external security providers or systems
  • Improve the performance and security of existing software and database management systems and set up backup and recovery plans to avoid lost files
  • Monitor, detect and solve computer and security systems, troubleshoot server-related software and hardware problems
  • Train staff on proper software use and security measures
  • Utilise and test new software and database systems to achieve optimal performance, security and functioning; manage new system installations when needed

 Skills required

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Technological and computer expertise
  • Troubleshooting abilities

Working conditions

Database & Systems Administrators and ICT Security typically work Monday to Friday in an indoor office setting with computers and other technological systems. Entry Operators typically work a regular Monday to Friday work week. They are required to sit for long hours doing repetitive work and must remain focused. Data Entry Operators usually work in an indoor, office setting using a computer and other electronic machines.

Professional associations

Australian Computer Society (ACS)
Internet Industry Association

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