How to become a database & systems administrator

Maintain and operate databases, computer systems, IT security systems and networks.

What does a database & systems administrator do?

Database and systems administrators develop and implement security plans and procedures and optimise database and management system programs.

Duties and tasks

  • Develop and maintain database and software master plans including database and software design and construction.
  • Develop criteria and procedures for the proper use and procurement of software and database management systems.
  • Document and record operational activities and maintenance in database and system logs; prepare manuals and documents to distribute for system usage knowledge.
  • Implement high levels of security programs to protect information from damage, embezzlement or alteration and work with external security providers or systems.
  • Improve the performance and security of existing software and database management systems and set up backup and recovery plans to avoid lost files.
  • Monitor, detect and solve computer and security systems, troubleshoot server-related software and hardware problems.
  • Train staff on proper software use and security measures.
  • Utilise and test new software and database systems to achieve optimal performance, security and functioning; manage new system installations when needed.

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