Event Organiser

Event Organisers work to coordinate one-off events like parties or larger-scale events like week-long conferences. They are in charge of organising and coordinating manpower and labour, as well as material effects like food and drink, presentations, venues, and decorations.

Duties and tasks

  • Actively listening to clients to determine the type of event clients wish to put on
  • Arranging services like the delivery of audio-visual equipment, the catering of food, the display of signage, the availability of transportation, etc.
  • Fielding and answering questions from the public or invited guests about the planned event
  • Promoting scheduled events to ensure maximum attendance
  • Securing appropriate venues for the type of event
  • Working with clients to reach mutually satisfactory event details and prices

Skills required

  • Ability to listen closely and discern needs
  • Ability to take and give orders
  • Clear oral and written communication
  • Organisation and time management skills
  • Reading comprehension

Working conditions

Event Organisers are often based in an office setting, but as the time moves closer to the scheduled event, organisers may find themselves spending most of their time at the venue. Alternatively, many large companies and organisations may maintain in-house event organising departments.

Professional associations / Industry information

Meetings & Events Australia
Service Skills Australia
Tourism Training Australia

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