Degree details

The Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise) will give you a solid foundation in all aspects of exercise and nutrition, so that you graduate ready to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of the community.

You’ll understand diets and lifestyles for optimum health and the associations between nutrient intake, energy output and obesity.

You’ll also learn how to manage and improve nutrition and diet related to physical activity and lifestyle changes, and how to maximise physical performance for healthy active people.

Some of the courses you’ll study include:

  • Professional Communication to work in the Health Industry
  • Psychology of Exercise, Sport and Health
  • Nutrition for Exercise and Performance
  • Health Promotion & Project Management for Health and Wellness
  • Food as Medicine

You can tailor your degree to your interests and broaden your career prospects through your choice of electives. You can select two electives from a range of UniSA Online degrees.

By studying this degree you will build your skills in two highly complementary fields that is a powerful combination in demand by industry professionals.

Careers to consider include:

  • lifestyle health advisor
  • corporate and community health advisor
  • health promotion officer
  • marketing and sales for exercise and nutrition products

Higher education

This UniSA Online degree is currently available for Commonwealth supported students. 

Applicants are required to fulfil at least one of the following requirements with a competitive result and meet any other academic requirements for the program:

  • successfully completed equivalent to a minimum of half a year of full-time study of a higher education program at a recognised higher education provider
  • completed an award from a registered training organisation at Certificate IV level or above
  • passed a UniSA Online literacy and numeracy test and have relevant work experience
  • completed a secondary education qualification equivalent to SACE, such as an interstate year 12 or international qualification
  • completed a UniSA Foundation Studies Program or equivalent
  • qualified for Special Entry

For more information or if you are unsure of your eligibility please contact an OUA Student advisor on 1300 729 424

Study nutrition and exercise On Demand with UniSA Online and take full control over your study.  Access support seven days a week, engage with course content from day one, view learning resources 24/7, and log into the interactive online environment anywhere, any time and on any device.

This is a unique 100% online degree if you are looking to gain skills in two highly complementary fields and take your passion for nutrition and exercise to the next level.

Real-world learning is a key focus in this UniSA Online degree. You will work on projects that can be implemented in a community or workplace so this is your opportunity to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of those around you.

With many years of experience in exercise science and nutrition education, you will benefit from the University of South Australia’s long-standing history and learn from expert academics and researchers who are leaders in their field.

Through theoretical and practical learning, you’ll gain specialised knowledge to promote nutrition and exercise for preventative health while developing the skills to inspire a healthy and more active society.

Recommended Study Pattern

Note: The program structure is subject to change at any time. (Information correct as at October 2017)

Year 1

  • Critical Approaches to Online Learning (CURR 3021)*
    *This subject is common to all UniSA Online degrees and will be offered multiple times each year to enable students to commence their program of study at any time. Students who are studying part-time must take this subject first before they study any other subjects in their chosen degree. Students who are studying full time may take this subject and one other subject in the same study period.
  • Foundations of Health and Physical Activity (HLTH 1053)
  • Foundations of Human Biology 1(BIOL 1052)
  • Health and Society (HLTH 1054)
  • Foundations of Human Biology 2(BIOL 1053)
  • Lifespan Growth and Motor Development (HLTH 1055)
  • Health Promotion (HLTH 2034)
  • Foundations of Nutrition and Health (BIOL 1054)

Year 2

  • Body in Motion 1 (HLTH 2032)
  • Human Nutrition (HLTH 2035)
  • Theory of Exercise Testing and Prescription 1 (HLTH 2037)
  • Nutrition and Exercise Biochemistry (HLTH 2036)
  • Body in Motion 2 (HLTH 2033)
  • Theory of Exercise Testing and Prescription 2 (HLTH 2038)
  • Elective 1
  • Lifespan Nutrition (BIOL 2060)

Year 3

  • Food Safety, Quality and Security (HLTH 3063)
  • Professional Communication to Work in the Health Industry (HLTH 2031)
  • Psychology of Exercise, Sport and Health (HLTH 3066)
  • Project Management for Health and Wellness (HLTH 3065)
  • Food as Medicine (FOSC 3017)
  • Nutrition for Exercise and Performance (HLTH 3064)
  • Elective 2
  • Applications in Nutrition and Exercise (HLTH 3067)

Award Requirements

Completion of 24 units including 2 electives.