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  • Meet the stakeholders who make up the employment relationship. Analyse human resource’s role in managing these relationships. Explore performance and reward management concepts. Juxtapose employee unions with employer associations.

  • Australian Employment Relations

    GRF-EHR710 | Postgraduate

    Review the intricacies of the Australian industrial relations system.Navigate wage, conditions and equity policies. Immerse yourself in the history of trade unions and other institutions. Predict future movements in the field of employment relations.

  • Managing Performance and Rewards

    GRF-EHR705 | Postgraduate

    Encounter the stakeholders, challenges and factors that influence performance and rewards management.Compare approaches to merit-based and results-based rewards programs. See how compensation practices are tethered to organisational strategies.

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  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

    GRF-EHR713 | Postgraduate

    Talk through the essentials of workplace negotiation processes and dispute resolutions.Highlight negotiation tactics and strategies. Learn how to handle issues of emotion and perception during a dispute. Strengthen your own negotiation skills.

  • Look back on the history of collective bargaining and industrial disputes. Assess unfair dismissal, workplace health and safety and discrimination regulations. Evaluate the laws that govern the relationship between employees and employers.

  • Advanced Human Resource Development

    GRF-EHR715 | Postgraduate

    Widen the scope of your human resource studies as you polish your HR skills.Assess individual, group and organisational human resource development needs. Take in advanced leadership theories. Look to the future of HR learning and development

  • Advanced Recruitment and Selection

    GRF-EHR716 | Postgraduate

    Integrate your knowledge of the practices at the core of recruitment and selection.Gather together applicant assessment strategies. Look into the internal and external labour markets. See how social and legal factors drive the recruitment process.

  • Dynamics of Workplace Relations

    GRF-EHR711 | Postgraduate

    Highlight the employee/employer relationship and their interactions, responsibilities and dynamics.Approach the discussion from the employee’s point of view. Measure the work-to-time ratio. Unpack the importance of workplace representation. 

  • The Future of Work

    GRF-EHR708 | Postgraduate

    With the changes to the global economy, the way people work is changing. Learn about the likely impacts of automation, outsourcing, knowledge work, collaboration and organisational change. Understand strategies to plan for the future of work.

  • Managing Diversity and Inclusion

    GRF-EHR704 | Postgraduate

    Appreciate the legislation and practices that can impact the quest for a more equitable and diverse workforce.Search for the balance that promotes both equity and productivity. Assess competing theories about how to manage diversity in the workplace.