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  • Undergraduate
  • Architecture, Planning and Construction
  • University of South Australia

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  • Structures 1

    USA-CIVE1007 | Undergraduate

    How do buildings bear weight? Study trigonometry, vector components and equations to determine design loads. Consider beams, truss, columns, frames and more. Form the skills to build on in Structures 2.

  • Construction Materials

    USA-CIVE1006 | Undergraduate

    Get confident in the elements of construction in Australia. Examine properties of materials — including their benefits for the environment, health and acoustics. Learn about materials such as clay, stone, steel, wood and more. Understand demolition. 

  • Construction 1

    USA-CIVE1005 | Undergraduate

    Build your foundation in  building construction. Study the order in which building elements are constructed — including foundations, footings, floors and more. Understand building regulations, standards and codes from the National Construction Code.

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  • Introduction to Contract Administration

    USA-BUIL2029 | Undergraduate

    Every construction needs to meet legal requirements. Understand the Australian legal system and regulatory framework for construction. You’ll cover the contents of a contract, the process of offer and acceptance and remedies for breach of contract.

  • Introduction to Construction Management

    USA-BUIL1027 | Undergraduate

    Lay the foundations for further study in the building industry. Understand the building process including roles, objectives and regulations. Get to know the life cycle of building projects. Consider how you might build sustainably.

  • Learn the micro and macro-economic principles behind construction. Consider how changes in the market can affect construction firms – including the impact on costs, revenues and pricing. Learn using real firms as examples, using market data.

  • Construction Communication

    USA-BUIL1025 | Undergraduate

    Learn how to read and interpret 2D drawings for construction – including floor plans, sections and elevations. Build skills in 3D BIM modelling using tools such as Autodesk Revit. Consider the importance of communication throughout a project lifecycle.

  • Construction Environmental Science

    USA-CIVE2015 | Undergraduate

  • Building Services

    USA-CIVE2013 | Undergraduate

  • Development Regulation

    USA-BUIL4030 | Undergraduate