Become a world-class leader with RMIT’s Executive MBA

An Executive MBA caters to aspiring corporate leaders, who need a global perspective, a strong network, and a sharp moral compass.

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An MBA is a popular choice for postgraduate study, and for good reason. For those who don’t know, or have a bad memory for acronyms – an MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, and is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the corporate world.

"This course attracts students from a variety of different work and academic backgrounds, because it teaches principles that can be applied across virtually any industry.

OUA is proud to offer a world-class Executive MBA, provided by RMIT University. RMIT maintains a strong emphasis on preparing students to make strategic and design-led decisions – keeping humans at the centre of their thinking. Great focus is also placed on ethics, sustainability and social responsibility – qualities that are important in any leader, no matter the industry.

What makes it ‘Executive’?

An Executive MBA caters to aspiring corporate leaders at the highest level, who need to have a global perspective, a strong professional network, and a sharp moral compass. RMIT aims to produce graduates who question the status quo – who are driven towards improvement, and can implement significant change in an effective way.

Is this MBA for me?

The Executive MBA is suitable for anyone who holds a Bachelor degree, that is interested in pursuing corporate leadership in any industry. Many students are driven by the desire to advance in their current company, or to change direction in their career, while others are driven to instigate change in our world, whether that be social, ethical or environmental. If you’re interested in the course but don’t hold a Bachelor’s degree, there are pathways into the course through RMIT’s Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.

How does this online MBA stack up?

RMIT’s Executive MBA is one of only four EPAS accredited courses in Australia. This accreditation is prestigious, as it’s issued by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), who evaluate courses against high international standards. The key criteria for accreditation includes how internationally focused a course is, whether it has strong corporate connections, and how much focus is on corporate responsibility. RMIT is proud that its Executive MBA lives up to these high global standards.

What’s the focus?

Within RMIT’s Executive MBA, there are three distinct program elements that carry through the entire course – innovation, consulting skills and design-led thinking. Design thinking is a core component of the course, which aims to produce future company executives who think more like designers – using logic, imagination, intuition and systematic reasoning to lead their thinking. This design-led approach to management is adopted by major companies like Apple, Coca Cola and Nike.

In the course, students start with key business concepts, such as leadership, management, and analysis, and then move through to more complex projects. The learning material draws from a number of disciplines including marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, IT management and design.

Why study through RMIT?

RMIT is a design-focused university, and although the MBA prepares students for business leadership, that strong design sense carries through – giving graduates an unexpected advantage. In addition to this, RMIT strives to create a learning experience that simulates what it’s like in the real-world, with students getting frequent opportunities to solve problems for actual companies. Graduates will emerge with a dynamic skill set, that allows them to not only cope with their future leadership roles, but to drive change in their field.

As many Executive MBA students work full or part time, flexibility is often key to successfully completing the course. This is why OUA is an ideal platform through which to study an Executive MBA. With the same opportunities available to on-campus students, you’ll be fast on your way to securing a seat at the executive table.

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