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How to become a kindergarten & preschool teacher

Grow the cognitive, physical and social development of children through games, music, art and written exercises.

What does a kindergarten and preschool teacher do?

Duties and tasks

  • Create lesson plans and structured play to promote children's development using an assortment of games and equipment.
  • Evaluate students progress and development in the classroom as well as in outdoor activities; identify any delays in progress and notify parents.
  • Facilitate activities that enhance motor skills including group games, art activities, outside play and educational song and hand movements.
  • Hold parent-teacher meetings and work with staff and administration on school goals as well as city, state and national standards.
  • Monitor children's interactions with other students to ensure safety and positive circumstances for all students and encourage sharing and cooperation.
  • Support cognitive development through stories, songs, games, simple lessons and structured play.
  • Teach alphabet and numeracy using a variety of songs, visual aids and games.

Professional bodies

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