How to become a community arts worker

Play a vital role in the community. Develop strategies and programs to help people during difficult times.

What does a community arts worker do?

Community arts workers are vital to the community. They develop strategies and programs to help the people of the area during difficult times. These programs are designed to provide aid for financial, social and economically troubled individuals through education, programs and other important community resources. Community Arts Workers provide a valuable and necessary service to those in the community.

Duties and tasks

  • Assess risks and provide counselling.
  • Create reports and develop funding requests.
  • Develop and maintain resources and programs.
  • Establish community groups, training programs alternative housing and provide other services to the community.
  • Identify the causes of community issues and find solutions.
  • Provide support to clients.
  • Research the problems, issues and needs of the community.

Industry bodies

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