How to become a recreation officer

Improve the lives of individuals and families through assistance with financial, emotional, or social difficulties.

What does a recreation officer do?

Recreation officers, also known as welfare, recreation, and community arts workers, assist individuals and families with financial, emotional, or social difficulties in a variety of ways. They may assess current living situations and environments and offer advice on ways to improve those situations. 

Duties and tasks

  • Assist with information on counselling, housing services, food access, etc.
  • Secure food, housing, and other social benefits and help with access to job training and education.
  • Improve care and programs available for community members.
  • Interview individuals and families to determine specific needs.
  • Publish reports on the efficiency and quality of community services.
  • Set up plans of action to ensure better qualities of life.
  • Work with victims of abuse by providing counselling, care, and financial assistance.

Industry bodies

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