How to become a graphic designer

Combine your creative flair and technology skills to transform ideas into visual elements for digital and print.

What does a graphic designer do?

Graphic designers use software and techniques to create visual communications. They work on corporate branding, logo designs, advertisements, web design, product packaging, magazines and TV commercials. They should have strong artistic and technical abilities and be able to understand client aspirations for designs.

Duties and tasks

  • Combine words, images and symbols to create visual representations of concepts, products and messages.
  • Design drawings, sketches or visual images of designs for clients to review.
  • Direct creation of design production in selected media, working with necessary staff such as technicians, developers, printers and programmers.
  • Evaluate client requests and offer design ideas that meet all aspects of clients desires; modify designs according to clients wishes.
  • Plan budget and working schedules for design creation and production.
  • Recommend best materials and media for publication and display according to projected outcome of design or website.
  • Use a variety of software and functions including page layout, typography and visual arts to produce technical and aesthetically pleasing designs.

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