How to become an artist

Manifest your creativity in original works of art using various forms and mediums.

What does an artist do?

Duties and tasks

  • Ability to analyse drawings, designs and customer needs to create the desired product.
  • Design and develop ideas and styles for pottery and ceramic art pieces, conceptualising functional or abstract art pieces.
  • Identify and work with appropriate ceramic materials for specific job requirements.
  • Mix appropriate glazing materials and dip or paint them onto dried pottery.
  • Mould clay and pottery materials into artistic and functional pieces using pottery wheels, carving with tools, moulding and hand techniques.
  • Place finished and decorated pottery items into kilns to set.
  • Safely operate machines and tools required for creation of products such as pottery wheels.

Professional bodies

Related jobs

  • Art teacher
  • Arts and crafts professional
  • Ephemeral artist
  • Kiln operator
  • Leadlighter
  • Painter or visual artist
  • Textile artist
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