Screen Printer

Screen Printers are in charge of operating screen printing equipment, which can either be power-driven or hand-operated. They also often set up stencils. The job also can include figuring out potential issues with printing equipment and repairing these machines.

Duties and tasks

  • Cleaning and maintaining the work area
  • Coordinating colours of ink and often mixing them
  • Loading ink into screen printing presses
  • Once items are printed, placing them into drying racks
  • Taking materials out of drying racks
  • Testing new inks and techniques
  • Using computers or hand to ready stencils

Skills required

  • Considering and seeking to improve ones own performance as well as that of other individuals
  • Ensuring that machines function properly by viewing various indicators
  • Properly handling machinery and systems
  • Viewing text and comprehending sentences and paragraphs

Working conditions

Although the machines that Screen Printers work with can be noisy, the areas in which they work are usually quiet. This tends to be a full-time job, and often Screen Printers work late nights and early mornings. Travel to industry shows may occasionally be necessary.

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