How to become a gallery, library, or museum technician

Prepare and maintain collections of art, published materials, and artefacts.

What does a gallery, library, or museum technician do?

Technicians in galleries, libraries, and museums organise objects and information for collections, exhibits, and shows. They restore objects and documents, assist with systems, and help people handle and find things.

Duties and tasks

  • Choose appropriate methods and materials to restore and clean items.
  • Keep accurate records of acquisitions and loans as well as details about items and their values.
  • Maintain circulation systems and order new materials.
  • Prepare artwork, objects, documents, and other valuable items held in an institution for exhibition.
  • Build and install exhibits by mounting or arranging objects and items in display cases and areas.
  • Receive exhibits and unpack items; packing and shipping items at the end of the exhibit.

Industry bodies

Related jobs

  • Art gallery technician
  • Conservator
  • Librarian
  • Library assistant
  • Museum curator
  • Museum technician

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