Jewellery designer

Combine your knowledge of materials—including precious metals and stones—with your creative flair to produce beautiful pieces.

Duties and tasks

  • Assess client requests and requirements and create designs that meet all aspects of clients requests; modify designs according to clients wishes
  • Create new and innovative jewellery designs to sell to customers for fine and fashion jewellery
  • Design jewellery based on category and market of jewellery, using research and market studies to keep up with emerging designs and preferences
  • Oversee the creation of jewellery from design to production to achieve design objectives
  • Prepare samples and drawings of jewellery designs for clients to review
  • Suggest and order necessary materials and process requirements for small and large jewellery orders and create an estimated budget for total production costs
  • Work closely with clients, managers, sales and manufacturing teams to achieve optimal design and finished product

Skills required

  • Analytical
  • Artistic Skills
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Strong Attention to Detail

Working conditions

Jewellery Designers usually work in offices, workshops or design studios. They typically work regular Monday to Friday hours but may need to work evenings or weekends in order to meet deadlines. Jewellery Designers may need to travel to meet with clients and potential buyers or to meet with jewellers.

Professional associations / Industry information

The Creative Industry Skills Council 

The Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) 

The Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) 

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