Technician (Gallery, Library and Museum)

Work at a gallery or museum to help disseminate cultural, historical or scientific knowledge.

Technicians that works in galleries and museums need to have a wealth of knowledge about art, artefacts, and exhibits as each will come into play during a typical work week. Galleries and museums are rich sources of knowledge for those who visit and it’s up to the technician to help disseminate that knowledge.

Duties and tasks

  • Handle often fragile or aged display material in a safe and respectful manner
  • Operate databases or systems to categorise and organize items
  • Prepare exhibits and galleries for display of artwork or other collections
  • Rehouse books, artifacts, or artwork as necessary
  • Share knowledge with visitors and fellow workers

Skills required

  • Categorisation skills to catalog and organize art, books, or artifacts
  • Communication skills to share knowledge and direction with the general public and other staff
  • Knowledge of literature, art, or other topics related to the specific job
  • Organisational skills to reshelve books or otherwise replace materials
  • Research skills to gain information necessary to the job at hand
  • Safe handling techniques for artifacts

Working conditions

Working conditions for Technicians in this field are primarily indoors in museums, libraries, or art galleries. Some technicians may work in warehouses that hold large pieces of artwork that has to be moved, but this is unlikely to be the primary location for work. Hours would include the operating hours for the specific gallery, library, or museum with the chance of extra hours for special events.

Professional associations

Museums Australia
The Australian Library and Information Association [ALIA]
The Creative Industry Skills Council

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  • Conservator
  • Librarian
  • Library Assistant
  • Life Scientist
  • Museum Curator
  • Museum Technician

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