Crop Farm Worker

Crop Farm Workers perform an important service by growing the foods that people regularly consume for good health and proper nutrition. They must understand the land and the crops that will grow effectively there. Crop Farm Workers must be dedicated to their jobs as the diets and well-being of the populace depend upon his ability to produce high quality food products on his land.

Duties and tasks

  • Control insect and fungus issues with proper solutions
  • Create cages and trellises for climbing plants
  • Install irrigation for effective farming
  • Load food products onto trucks
  • Operate farm equipment and machinery
  • Pick food products at optimum times
  • Plant seeds, bulbs, roots, trees and other starters
  • Prepare soil for planting through cultivation
  • Sort and package foods for transport
  • Thin crops for ultimate growth and production
  • Weed, rake and hoe fields for healthier food production
  • Skills required
  • Ability to notice fungus and insects on plants
  • Ability to operate large farm machinery
  • Ability to stand and bend for long periods of time
  • Knowledge to detect ripe food products
  • Strength to life heavy boxes of food products

Working conditions

Crop Farm Workers spend long hours out in the grueling heat and sun. They often work sunup until sundown, picking the ripened foods before they become too ripe and spoil in the field. The day very well might be longer if the trucks for transporting the food arrive in the evening or late at night.

Professional associations / Industry information

Department of Agriculture and Food (WA)
NSW Farmers
Rural Skills Australia
Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association
WA Farmers

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