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  • Software Engineering Fundamentals

    RMI-CPT230 | Undergraduate

    Navigate the quality, reusability and effectiveness of the software engineering lifecycle. Design, refine and assess complex systems. Be objective and develop solutions for actual problems. Use top-down and bottom-up design methods to find best fit.

  • Software Engineering Project Management

    RMI-CPT330 | Undergraduate

    Engineer a future leading IT software projects. Understand how industry manages projects and IT operations. Plan and manage the project lifecycle from start to finish. Work with others using proprietary and non-proprietary tools in practical settings.

  • Engineering Measurement

    CUR-CME302 | Undergraduate

    Inspect engineering measurement rules for complex civil, resource infrastructure and industrial projects. Use Australian and international measurement standards. Interpret and calculate specifications and drawings. Measure engineering works. 

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  • Engineering Economic Analysis

    USA-LSCM5011 | Postgraduate

    Arm yourself with the financial planning and accounting skills necessary to conduct engineering economic evaluations. Measure the worth of project investments. Balance risks and uncertainties. Tally the influence of taxation and depreciation.

  • iPhone Software Engineering

    RMI-CPT224 | Undergraduate

    Engineer an inventive future developing Apple software apps. Consider end-users and device capability. Control the software lifecycle. Create desktop and mobile apps for enterprise and m-commerce specifications on Apple iOS and Apple Watch platforms.

  • Appreciate how constructivist theory informs STEM teaching and learning. Study learning theories, then inquiry-based, problem-based, and project-oriented teaching approaches. Design activities for constructivist learning in STEM

  • Engineering Research Practice

    USA-EENG5004 | Postgraduate

    Create a proposal for a research project drawing on the core elements of research program design. Discuss the range of research methods open to you. Make use of questionnaires, interviews and information databases. Investigate a key engineering issue.

  • Enhance your understanding of the nature and importance of the STEM classroom climate, environment, atmosphere and ethos. Study the history of learning environment research, and review , then utilise and design instruments for use in research.

  • Study different instructional design models and evaluation principles. Apply your understanding of these to develop and analyse learning programs in STEM. Design an assessment task to evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional program

  • Introduction to Engineering Physics

    USA-PHYS1019 | Undergraduate