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  • Develop confidence in your academic and professional literacy. To teach language, you’ll need to understand the role and value of language in communities. You’ll also need solid personal literacy skills—essential for academic writing and referencing.

  • Immerse yourself in the world of academic reflection and discussion. Explore how to effectively wield language in professional arenas. Master academic referencing and research methods. Write essays and deliver oral presentations using clear language.

  • Culture to Cultures

    CUR-COM155 | Undergraduate

    Challenge your ways of thinking about other cultures and values. Take apart your cultural background and see how it shapes your worldview. Get to know Indigenous knowledge and perspectives. Examine topics including othering, prejudice and the media.

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  • Experimental Screens

    CUR-SCA250 | Undergraduate

    Explore avant-garde cinema and experimental screen arts through different lenses—dada and surrealism, cameraless film, and structural film. Innovate and synthesise your learnings into an original new project. Critically reflect on your experience.

  • Digital and Social Media Project

    CUR-NET391 | Undergraduate

    Plan and execute a research project that explores how society connects online. This could be a scholarly paper or an online project such as a website. Use your imagination and get creative with your final presentation.

  • Industry Project Development

    CUR-DIG39 | Undergraduate

    Pulling together your 3d skills, adding advanced rendering and lighting, you’ll work on meeting a  brief for a 3d project. Working to industry standards, you’ll experience an authentic work environment, and be held to professional real-world conduct.

  • Visual Narrative Studio

    CUR-DIG38 | Undergraduate

    Apply your animation and game design skills to a collaborative project with like-minded creatives. Tell a story, consider culture, and work in a team. Join up with illustrators, writers and filmmakers to produce an engaging narrative-based outcome.

  • Animation and Game Texture Design

    CUR-DIG29 | Undergraduate

    Showcase your creativity and develop your skills in character design, modelling, sculpting, rigging and animation. Learn pipeline and project management approaches used in game asset production. Create characters for games you love to play.

  • Experimental Writing

    CUR-CWG220 | Undergraduate

    Express yourself through unconventional writing styles such as postmodern poetry, spoken word poetry and mixed media. Analyse how new genres fit into the literary landscape. Take part in thought-provoking workshops. Develop a portfolio of poetic work.

  • Learn the skills, conventions and processes for teaching English to children. You’ll explore current theories in English teaching, learn the key elements for early reading and writing, and see the importance of Children’s Literature.