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How to become a farmer

Grow crops, breed livestock, raise fish and other aquatic stock.

What does a farmer do?

Farmers work on the land or waters to cultivate food, agricultural products, and raw materials. There are many types of farmers, who work to varying degrees both hands-on and administratively. Some farmers might oversee large scale processes and production, whilst others might work a small portion of their own land.

Duties and tasks

  • Cultivate an in-depth knowledge of farming techniques.
  • Build a knowledge and awareness of growing mediums and favourable conditions for crop production.
  • Feed and tend to livestock.
  • Purchase, operate, and maintain farming tools and equipment.
  • Select, train, and manage farm workers.
  • Operate within government regulations.
  • Conduct budgeting, bookkeeping and record keeping.
  • Schedule and perform harvesting and breeding.

Industry bodies

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