Degree details

The Master of Theological Studies is a coursework degree for students seeking to develop mastery of theological knowledge and develop skills in communicating that knowledge.

Graduates of the Master of Theological Studies will:

  • demonstrate a critical awareness of sources for and methodological approaches to a range of theological studies
  • interpret biblical texts in view of historical, cultural, literary, philosophical, and theological analyses
  • use biblical and theological resources to explain the historical origins, development, and interconnections of Christian doctrines
  • articulate implications of Christian belief for Christian practice
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in one or more theological disciplines
  • have the opportunity to study units in philosophy that enrich theological understanding, including a specialisation in the discipline
  • undertake a research-based project.

Graduates will be prepared them to succeed in areas such as chaplaincy or other church-related careers, administrative roles, or in various other professions for which they are qualified, such as teaching or social work.

Professional recognition

Professional recognition may differ between dioceses. Teacher applicants are advised to contact the Catholic or State Education Office in the area in which they teach to ascertain the status of the course.

Students who wish to proceed to further study upon completion of the graduate certificate/diploma are eligible to enter the Master of Theological Studies course. Teacher graduates of these two awards may be able to seek four-year trained teacher status with an employer. Applicants are advised to discuss these possibilities with their local Catholic or State Education Office.

Higher education

To be eligible for admission to the course, an applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline.

Award Requirements

Completion of 160 credit points (up to 40 cp in religious education units, including no more than 20 cp at 500-level and up to 10 cp from 600-level educational leadership units).

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