Chiropractor and Osteopath

Chiropractors and Osteopaths provide care to their patients in private practice offices, medical care facilities and hospitals. Their skills to care for their patients are a direct result of their extensive educations and strong desire to help people feel better, ambulate easier and function normally.

Duties and tasks

  • Assess physical problems and injuries in patients
  • Developing comprehensive treatment plans
  • Diagnose patients through neurological and musculoskeletal tests and functionality assessments
  • Educating patients about their conditions, diagnoses and necessary treatments and procedures
  • Encouraging patients to follow through with required treatment including at home exercises
  • Improving and restoring the functionality of the body
  • Keeping detailed records of the patients history, diagnosis, treatments and progress
  • Monitoring and evaluating the patients improvement
  • Working as a team with specialists and other caregivers for the benefit of the patients well-being

Skills required

  • Ability to make decisions regarding treatments
  • Ability to recognize and admit a treatment is'nt working and find an alternative solution to the patients problem
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Analytical thinking for diagnosing ailments
  • Desire to constantly learn new techniques and procedures
  • Genuine care for peoples health and well-being
  • Good communication skills to explain highly technical procedures in a way the patient can understand
  • Good time management skills, so patients are not kept waiting long
  • Knowledge of medical conditions and testing
  • Manage a staff for the benefit of the patients
  • Understanding how the patient feels and addressing their concerns and fears

Working conditions

Chiropractors and Osteopaths generally work in climate controlled facilities for the comfort of both patients and staff. It is a high-paced atmosphere and can be stressful when dealing with patients in pain or who are fearful of doctors or procedures.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Osteopathic Association 

Australian and New Zealand Osteopathic Council 

Chiropractors Association of Australia 

Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia Inc 

Osteopaths Registration Board of Australia 

The Chiropractic Board of Australia 

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