Training and Development Professional

Training and Development Professionals are training officers that develop and conduct and organisations development program. These professionals often consult with management and staff to identify strengths and weaknesses in the company's structure from which to build a more successful team.

Duties and tasks

  • Assess and evaluate leadership skills of organisations
  • Develop and implement leadership programs
  • Ensure efficiency and safety of staff and management during training
  • Improve aspects across corporate teams for cohesive success
  • Maintain corporate structure and success during training

Skills required

  • Assess and convey inconsistencies between employees
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Flexibility to work with management and staff
  • Interpretation and analysis skills
  • Motivational experience
  • Strong social background

Working conditions

Working conditions for Training and Development Professionals depend greatly on subjects being trained. Most often, these training officers work indoors in offices and teaching facilities to offer the most conducive environment for learning strategies for corporations.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Human Resources Institute 

Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD) 

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