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To introduce students with basic knowledge in the field to further study of Italian language and culture. Students will build on the introductory level vocabulary and language structures related to the range of texts, themes and topics as well as grammatical concepts and sociolinguistic knowledge with a focus on language in use. 

    • Key linguistic structures required for speaking and writing in Italian
    • Production of Italian speech and writing
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      • Online assignment submission
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You must either have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject, or currently be enrolled in the following subject(s) in a prior study period; or enrol in the following subject(s) to study prior to this subject:

Please note that your enrolment in this subject is conditional on successful completion of these prerequisite subject(s). If you study the prerequisite subject(s) in the study period immediately prior to studying this subject, your result for the prerequisite subject(s) will not be finalised prior to the close of enrolment. In this situation, should you not complete your prerequisite subject(s) successfully you should not continue with your enrolment in this subject. If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite subject(s) and believe you may not complete these all successfully, it is your responsibility to reschedule your study of this subject to give you time to re-attempt the prerequisite subject(s)


ITL11 must be completed before ITL12. Students seeking equivalence on the basis of prior learning should contact the Subject Coordinator prior to enrolling.

Special requirements

  • EquipmentDetails - USB headset with attached microphone in order to complete the oral assessments in the virtual classroom.
  • SoftwareDetails - Flash Player 10 or higher.

This subject provides a multimedia program of Italian language and culture designed to develop basic linguistic structures and to provide practice in the understanding and production of Italian speech and writing. The subject is appropriate for students who have a basic knowledge of the Italian language and culture or have completed ITL11.

Assessment 1 - Continuous assessment - Submit via the Virtual Classroom. Objects being assessed: CO1, CO2, CO3, CO5 Assessment 2 - Project - Submit via Learnonline. Objects being assessed: CO2, CO3, CO4 Assessment 3 - Tests - Submit via the Virtual Classroom. Objects being assessed CO3, CO4

  • Continuous assessment - 2500 word equivalence (45%)
  • Project - 1000 word equivalence (30%)
  • Tests - 1500 word equivalence (25%)

Textbook information is pending.