University pathways

Want to study but not sure where to start? These pathways to university are a great stepping stone.

Choosing a course or career can be hard, especially if you haven't studied in a while. Our university pathways are designed to make that decision a little easier. And they're open to everyone!

When you complete a uni pathway, you'll know what online study is all about—and you’ll know more about the topics that interest you most.

A pathway can unlock entry to hundreds of degrees through Open Universities Australia.

The good news is, if you decide to continue on to a degree, you’re already on the road to completion. That’s because most universities offer you credit for your completed pathway.

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Daniel took an alternative pathway to university

University pathways explained

We have 3 kinds of pathways to choose from:

Interest area pathways

Complete a couple of single subjects in the area that interests you most.

Learn about choosing your pathway subjects.

Undergraduate certificates as pathways

Some universities offer undergraduate certificates without entry requirements.

Learn how they work as a pathway.

Core subject pathways

For some degrees, the first subjects are open for anyone to try.

Learn how this pathway unlocks a degree.

Interest area pathways

Get started in an interest area, like science. You'll pick a few introductory subjects, like chemistry and biology, to get a better understanding of the topics.

With this pathway, you're able to mix and match subjects from different universities. So in addition to trying out online study, you'll also experience different university learning environments.

Choose this pathway if you know what interests you most.

Complete your introductory subjects, then you can apply to start a degree in that interest area.

For example, if you studied chemistry and biology, we’ll help you apply for a Bachelor of Science.

Explore pathway subjects in your interest area

If you’re thinking about a degree in: We recommend a couple of introductory subjects from:
Business—including accounting, marketing, and finance Business & management single subjects
Teaching—including primary school and high school specialisations Education & teaching single subjects
Psychology—including mental health and counselling Psychology & mental health single subjects
Health—including nursing, public health, or nutrition Health & medical science single subjects
The Arts—including history, literature, and languages Humanities & social science single subjects
IT—including cyber security, programming, and game design IT & computer science single subjects
Law—including legal studies and criminal justice Law & justice single subjects
Science—including biology, agriculture, and environmental science Science single subjects

Undergraduate certificates as pathways

Ease into university with four subjects—and gain an Australian Qualifications Framework recognised qualification.

Test drive uni and quickly upskill in just 6 months. 

Choose this pathway if you want a qualification before you get your degree.

After you've completed an undergraduate certificate, you can use it to gain entry into a related degree. For example, an Undergraduate Certificate in Psychology feeds into a Bachelor of Psychology.

Plus, you’ll get credit for your undergraduate certificate subjects, meaning you're a step closer to finishing your degree.


Explore undergraduate certificates as pathways

Core subject pathways

Some unis open core subjects – usually the the first few introductory subject in selected degrees – to form a pathway into a full degree.

For example, Curtin University's Bachelor of Education allows anyone to enrol in first year subjects. There's eight subjects to choose from, and after completing two, you'll meet the academic entry requirements for admission to the full degree.

Choose this pathway if you know the degree you want to get into.

With this pathways, you don’t need to apply or be accepted to study your first couple of subjects. Just enrol and start studying.

After you complete the recommended core subjects, you’ll qualify to study the full degree and can start the application process.

Explore degrees with core subject pathways

Undergraduate CUR-BED-DEG

Bachelor of Education (Primary Education)

Undergraduate GRF-BUS-DEG

Bachelor of Business

Available majors

  • Major in Marketing
  • Major in Human Resource Management
  • Major in Management
  • Major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Major in Sport Management
  • Major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Undergraduate LAT-HUN-DEG

Bachelor of Food and Nutrition

Undergraduate UNE-LLB-DEG

Bachelor of Laws (4 Years)

Undergraduate MAQ-ART-DEG

Bachelor of Arts

Available majors

  • Major in Ancient History
  • Major in Applied Ethics
  • Major in Creative Writing
  • Major in English
  • Major in Indigenous Studies
  • Major in International Relations
  • Major in Modern History
  • Major in Philosophy
  • Major in Politics
  • Major in Sociology

Undergraduate UAD-HSM-DEG

Bachelor of Health Service Management

Undergraduate CUR-IND-DEG

Bachelor of Interior Design

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