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Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. identify and explain the history of and ongoing influences on the development of Australian law in a range of contexts, including derivation of Australian law and English common law, and Indigenous and International legal issues;
  2. demonstrate a basic understanding of the jurisprudential concepts of law, ethics and values upon which the Western idea of law is founded and apply them to a range of legal issues; and
  3. demonstrate autonomy and responsibility in locating quality legal resources, and analyse abstract legal issues to communicate and construct a persuasive legal argument.
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Special requirements

  • TravelDetails - Travel may be required to complete invigilated examination.

This unit is concerned with orientating students into the discipline of law by providing an overview of the historical, jurisprudential, commercial, cultural and global context in which Australian law operates today. Trends and influences shaping the future of Australian law and practice are also explored. Research skills relating to secondary materials are developed together with a capacity to discuss abstract legal questions through writing an academic essay. This unit provides an awareness of the opportunities for further deepening knowledge of the discipline together with a foundation for more specialised and advanced legal studies which follow.

Research essay: Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO) LO: 1-3 Quizzes: 5 quizzes at 4% each. Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO) LO: 1,2 Closed Book Exam: 2 hrs 15 mins; Relates to Learning Outcomes (LO) LO: 1-3

  • Research Essay (1750 Words) (30%)
  • Quizzes (20%)
  • Final Examination (50%)

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