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After successfully completing this subject, you will be able to:

  1. Apply business principles, overviews, discipline issues and knowledge to a real-world context and develop the intellectual independence to be reflective learners
  2. Undertake and evaluate research from a variety of sources in order to make judgements to solve a range of problems that arise in business contexts
  3. Communicate a range of business arguments appropriate to the audience, through a variety of communication media
  4. Work collaboratively in diverse groups and generate creative solutions that are fit for purpose and be cognisant of the impact of business decisions.
  • Topics
    • Applying discipline knowledge to a real-world context
    • Principles, overviews and discipline issues that relate to the project context
    • Interpreting and responding to project briefs
    • Team dynamics, management tools and processes
    • Communications issues and stakeholder expectations
    • Research methods
    • Critical and reflective practices
    • Documenting project developments and recommendations

Entry Requirements

You must have successfully completed the following subject(s) before starting this subject:

SWI-BUS30010, or SWI-BUS30024-Advanced Innovation Business Practice

Special requirements

No special requirements

The subject provides an opportunity for students to apply skills and engage in a consulting project for an industry partner. Multidisciplinary teams will work on a live problem solving project from profit or not-for-profit enterprises. Teams will work under the guidance of a coach with project specific inputs from the industry client briefs. In the final week, teams will deliver their findings and recommendations to industry partner through an oral presentation and a written report. The subject aims at facilitating a successful transition from academic learning environment to work environment. 

  • Assignment 1 - Assignment 1 — Individual (15-25%)
  • Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 — Group (40-60%)
  • Assignment 3 - Peer Evaluation — Individual (10-15%)
  • Assignment 4 - Reflective Task — Individual (15-25%)

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