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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate personal numeracy through flexible application of mathematical understanding and explain the importance of this for effective teaching
  2. analyse relevant Australian Curriculum Mathematics documents and identify how key ideas are linked across the strands
  3. demonstrate mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge appropriate for teaching early number and algebra from a conceptual standpoint
  4. identify components of professional practice in mathematics teaching and integrate these with effective planning, curation of current resources and student achievement.
    • Personal Mathematics Competency
    • Extended Personal Use of Mathematics
    • Essential Statistics
    • NAPLAN What is it and what does it mean
    • Personal numeracy and use of mathematics
    • Numeracy in the real world
    • Technologies and mathematics
    • The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics
    • Mathematical language and terminology
    • Mathematics of the Human Body
    • Mathematics - a history
    • Exploring Mathematics and using it to communicate
    • Open forum discussion and the review of the unit outcomes

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This subject was previously known as EDC141 The Numerate Educator.

This subject is the first in a series of four on mathematical education for educators. In this unit the focus is on mathematical content knowledge and personal numeracy. Skills in all strands of the Australian mathematics curriculum will be developed and the confidence levels of future educators will be addressed. Mathematical language and methods of communicating mathematical ideas with words, pictures and symbols are emphasised. The particular aspects of mathematics required for teaching, including basic statistics and interpretation of research, are covered. The subject examines development of best practice in mathematics lessons in preparation for subsequent subjects.

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  • Personal Competency (20%)
  • Questioning (30%)
  • Professional Practice (50%)

Textbook information is pending.

Textbook information is pending.

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