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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate understanding of The Arts as cultural enterprises in terms of their significance and role in life, society and education with particular consideration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts practices
  2. apply the principles of authentic arts learning through experiential learning in dance, drama and music education where the emphasis is on creative thinking, self-expression, meaning-making and communication of ideas by diverse learners
  3. demonstrate a foundation of arts literacy competency for teaching through a personal investment in performing-arts making and responding activities
  4. appraise the nature of learning in the Arts and the significance of this learning for diverse learners in the educational context
  5. develop presentation and communication skills through dance, drama and music to become a confident and effective performer and communicator.
    • Arts as forms of praxis, meaning making and cultural expression; Introduction to Drama
    • Authentic arts experiences - Making & Responding: Exploration of the elements of Drama
    • Narrative and self-concept - Story telling in Drama
    • Arts responding in the Drama context
    • The role of reflection and review in arts learning.
    • Developing literacy in Dance and Music.
    • Fostering creativity and self-expression through Music - composing and performing.
    • Kinaesthetic knowing explored through Dance - choreagraphing and performing
    • Critical review of a dance
    • Singing and its cultural significance in different historical and cultural contexts including Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures
    • The Arts as ways of knowing for all children: Dance and diversity
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This subject was previously known as EDC161 Performing Arts for Educators.

This is the first of two Arts Education subjects. It introduces The Arts Learning Area subjects of Dance, Drama and Music and positions The Arts in a cultural context. The value and role of The Arts in children’s developmental growth and education is elucidated. The centrality of inquiry-based and praxis-led learning in dance, drama and music, that emphasizes creative thinking, self-expression, meaning-making and communicating ideas, is explored. Performing-arts praxis, reflection and appreciation activities provide experiential learning opportunities designed to promote personal confidence, arts literacy and presentation and communication skills in the performing arts – and for teaching. Within a lifelong learning framework, direct experience and personal investment in arts learning is intended to develop content knowledge.

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  • Drama Making & Responding plus Learning ReflectionPort (40%)
  • Music Making & Responding Dance Making & Responding plus Learning Reflection (60%)

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