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At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. explain the core beliefs of Christianity as expressed in Catholic needs
  2. relate the contemporary role of the Catholic Church to its mission of evangelisation
  3. interpret the significance of symbol, ritual and 'story' in both human and religious expressions of celebration
  4. integrate knowledge of creed and sacraments with individual life-experience.

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CUR-EDC483-An Introduction to Catholic Education

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This subject introduces students to Catholic beliefs and practices that contribute towards a vision of human life and its meaning. Statements of beliefs, or ‘creeds’ that are fundamental to Catholic (and Christian) faith are explained. An understanding of 'religious faith' is placed in the context of contemporary societal attitudes. The Catholic understanding of the presence of the divine in our world and how this belief is celebrated through ritual, symbol and 'story' is explored. This understanding is then applied to local Church and school communities.

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  • Reflection Paper 1 (25%)
  • Learning Journal (50%)
  • Reflection Paper 2 (25%)

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