Degree details

Graduates will be able to:

  1. explain how decision making and the management of organisations is aided by knowledge of theory and practice in a range of business sub-disciplines;
  2. analyse organisations and apply contemporary management practices compatible with organisational, social and environmental sustainability;
  3. present theoretical concepts and complex ideas in both written and verbal formats appropriate for management audiences.

Career objectives

Graduates are suitable for careers in business, international marketing, banking and finance, management consulting, negotiations and planning.

Higher education

Applicants must normally hold a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification and have a minimum of three years' full-time equivalent post-degree work experience by the commencement date of the course; or hold the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Flinders University or equivalent qualification and have either a minimum of seven years' full-time equivalent pre-certificate work experience or three years' full-time equivalent post-certificate work experience by the commencement date of the course. 

Applicants who meet the academic and/or work experience requirements must take part in an interview.

Credit transfer may be granted, on application, for prior study completed in a relevant Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters degree; accredited professional development; or relevant work experience.

Applications for credit transfer are assessed on a case by case basis according to Flinders University policies. Students must be made an offer for entry into a degree before lodging their completed credit transfer application, along with all necessary documentation for formal assessment. More information is available at

This course is designed to provide a strong foundation in business knowledge together with opportunity for some specialisation. Management and business oriented topics ensure a thorough understanding of important fundamental management competencies.

It is 8 months in length on a full-time basis and can also be undertaken part-time.

Recommended Study Pattern

Students are required to undertake study eight topics chosen from a range of topics aimed at providing students with a sound understanding and appreciation of the context in which organisations operate including the impact of global economic, social, environmental and ethical and business conditions and practices.

As a guide, full-time students generally undertake two topics per study period and part-time students undertake one topic per study period. 

Award Requirements

To complete the requirements of the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, students must successfully complete eight topics chosen from a range of topics.

Applications are submitted directly to Flinders University through its online application system.