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  • Tertiary Learning Strategies

    USA-SSK10 | Undergraduate

    Commit to following the academic writing process. Cover everything from managing information to submitting your essay. Enhance your formal writing skills. Reference texts to support your arguments. Pick up techniques for compiling a bibliography.

    • 29 Nov 2021
    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 30 May 2022
    • 29 Aug 2022
    • 28 Nov 2022
  • The Social World

    USA-SOCU1008 | Undergraduate

    Think about how modern society was formed, and why it has become the way it has. Look at social change with a critical lens. Analyse contemporary issues around globalisation and post-industrialisation. Rethink gender, race and education.

    • 10 Jan 2022
    • 27 Jun 2022
  • Sociological Perspectives

    USA-SOCU1007 | Undergraduate

    Study the works of sociological theorists such as Marx, Durkheim, Weber, the Frankfurt School, Bauman, and Butler. Think critically about issues in their theories. Think about how theories apply in modern life.

    • 10 Jan 2022
    • 27 Jun 2022
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  • Politics and Citizenship in Australia

    USA-POLI1019 | Undergraduate

    Gain an awareness of Australian political culture and its historical context. Learn the structure and processes of government in Australia. Think critically about major current political issues and debates in the news today. 

    • 10 Jan 2022
    • 27 Jun 2022
  • Quantitative Methods for Business

    USA-MATH1075 | Undergraduate

    Learn the power of numbers in achieving business goals. Gain skills in gathering, interpreting and presenting data. Create growth by determining the sales volumes needed to break-even and make a profit. Learn through real cases.

    • 10 Jan 2022
    • 27 Jun 2022
  • Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange

    USA-MARK1018 | Undergraduate

    Get a solid foundation in marketing that you can apply to your industry. Explore marketing concepts, thinking and practice. Learn to write a marketing plan for your business. Use competitor and SWOT analysis strategies. 

    • 04 Apr 2022
    • 19 Sep 2022
  • Professional Development in Marketing

    USA-MARK1017 | Undergraduate

    Take control of your marketing career. Enhance your professional identity so that you can stand out. Go out of your comfort zone by setting goals, reflecting on achievements, and investigating opportunities. Create a five-year plan.

    • 10 Jan 2022
    • 27 Jun 2022
  • Criminology and Public Policy

    USA-LAWS2036 | Undergraduate

    Why are some crimes committed more than others? Find out in this course. Study how governments resolve crimes. Cover policing, law enforcement, sentencing, imprisonment, prevention and more.

    • 04 Apr 2022
    • 19 Sep 2022
  • Principles of Public Law

    USA-LAWS1024 | Undergraduate

    Study the principles of public law through real examples from seminal High Court cases in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. Come out with the skills to analyse judicial decisions and apply legal reasoning.

    • 10 Jan 2022
    • 27 Jun 2022
  • Foundations of Law

    USA-LAWS1023 | Undergraduate

    Learn how courts work. Study the differences between courts, tribunals and commissions. Discover the differences in state, territory and Commonwealth courts. Examine cases and questions of law.

    • 10 Jan 2022
    • 27 Jun 2022