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  • Undergraduate
  • Technology and Information
  • University of South Australia

Found 20 related courses for University of South Australia Undergraduate Technology and Information Subjects

  • Quantitative Methods for Business

    USA-MATH1075 | Undergraduate

    Learn the power of numbers in achieving business goals. Gain skills in gathering, interpreting and presenting data. Create growth by determining the sales volumes needed to break-even and make a profit. Learn through real cases.

  • Introduction to Digital Media

    USA-INFT1028 | Undergraduate

    Become a movie maker. Get confident preparing, shooting and editing videos. Learn the basics in Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie. Cover sound production and copyright principles. See how Photoshop can help you add inspiring graphics.

  • Information Technology Fundamentals

    USA-INFT1024 | Undergraduate

    Dive into the history of computers. Look at the basics of their design, the structure of operating systems and more. Move onto programming. Learn skills to launch your career in IT.

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  • IT Project Management

    USA-INFT1023 | Undergraduate

    Learn how to manage small to medium-sized IT projects. Gain skills in conceptualising and visualising projects. Explore the Prince2 project management method. Get hands-on with tools for a variety of industries.

  • Database Fundamentals

    USA-INFT1022 | Undergraduate

    Develop skills in data analysis and design using Unified Modelling Language (UML). Then move onto designing and writing queries. Develop core skills in Structured Query Language (SQL). Get hands on with UMLet and DBDesigner Fork. 

  • Systems Analysis

    USA-INFS1024 | Undergraduate

    Learn how to document workflows using activity diagrams and modelling tools. Understand the system development life cycle. Get to know key features of agile development, unified process, extreme programming and scrum.

  • Design Thinking and Digital Innovation

    USA-INFS1023 | Undergraduate

    Learn to think by putting the consumer first. Ask ‘what do consumers want?’ and use these insights to design. Learn by developing an app that helps consumers achieve their goals. Enhance your problem-solving skills.

  • Introduction to the GLAM sector

    USA-HUMS1058 | Undergraduate

    Passionate about spaces that inspire? Discover the principles and philosophies behind the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) industry. Consider how digital media is transforming the profession.

  • Problem Solving and Programming

    USA-COMP1043 | Undergraduate

    Learn how to go from a problem statement to a code solution. Develop core programming skills using Python programming language. Solve errors in your own code. Build skills that can be applied across a range of scenarios.  

  • Business Intelligence

    USA-ACG22 | Undergraduate

    Monitor the business information system's role in analysing corporate performance. Evaluate established data mining methods. Operate business intelligence software and attack real world problems. Consider privacy, ethical and legal implications.