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  • Undergraduate
  • Media, Communication and Languages
  • Screen, Games and Entertainment
  • University of South Australia

Found 18 related courses for University of South Australia Undergraduate Media, Communication and Languages Subjects

  • Intercultural Communication

    USA-LANG1064 | Undergraduate

    Interested in human interactions between different cultures? Learn about the intercultural communication at play in learning, working, writing, and digital media. Consider how linguistic diversity is becoming more complex. 

  • Introduction to Video Production

    USA-INFT1029 | Undergraduate

    Learn video for business. Direct, produce and edit a short video to add to your portfolio using your smartphone. Gain skills in storyboards, script writing, shooting, sound and editing.

  • Digital Graphics and Imaging

    USA-GRAP1027 | Undergraduate

    Build a toolkit of skills using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Understand the ‘big three’ concepts of visual communication: reader-centeredness, usability and persuasiveness. Cover editing, page layout, visual strategies and target audience. 

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  • Public Relations Theory and Practice

    USA-COMM1076 | Undergraduate

    Ever wondered how organisations control their public image? In this introduction to PR, you’ll debunk the myths others hold about the industry while covering fundamental theory. Understand why organisations represent themselves the way they do.

  • Professional and Technical Communication

    USA-COMM1075 | Undergraduate

    Learn to read texts with a critical eye. You’ll dissect professional and technical texts including those used in academia, the government, corporations and more. Learn how to construct these texts yourself with clarity and persuasiveness. 

  • News Reporting

    USA-COMM1074 | Undergraduate

    Get basic knowledge in how news is gathered and amplified. You’ll dissect methods of reporting in print, broadcast, online and on social media. Discover what makes a good interview. Learn how to gather news under tight deadlines. 

  • Introduction to Social Media

    USA-COMM1073 | Undergraduate

    Put your social media presence under a magnifying glass. Use a critical mind to look at how frequently you use social platforms, and why. Begin to understand how social media is used in strategy by organisations the world over.

  • Communication and Media

    USA-COMM1072 | Undergraduate

    Learn to analyse the world of communication. Reflect on your media consumption habits. Consider the ways that mass media influences yourself and those around you. Discover theories of communication that can be applied to a range of careers. 

  • Italian 1A

    USA-ITL11 | Undergraduate

    Immerse yourself in the rhythm and passion of the Italian language. Grasp basic linguistic structures. Learn from a multimedia program designed to familiarise you with Italian culture. Start out on your journey speaking and writing Italian.

  • Aboriginal Voices in Film and Fiction

    USA-ABT21 | Undergraduate

    Immerse yourself in stories from Indigenous writers and filmmakers. Thumb through a history of Aboriginal literature. Research theatre and visual art. Measure how Indigenous storytelling has managed to aid the construction of cultural identity.