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Found 56 related courses for University of South Australia Undergraduate Business and Management Subjects

  • Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange

    USA-MARK1018 | Undergraduate

    Get a solid foundation in marketing that you can apply to your industry. Explore marketing concepts, thinking and practice. Learn to write a marketing plan for your business. Use competitor and SWOT analysis strategies. 

  • Professional Development in Marketing

    USA-MARK1017 | Undergraduate

    Take control of your marketing career. Enhance your professional identity so that you can stand out. Go out of your comfort zone by setting goals, reflecting on achievements, and investigating opportunities. Create a five-year plan.

  • Career Development for Professionals

    USA-BUSS1066 | Undergraduate

    Tailor your resume, understand your points of differentiation and prepare your own ‘elevator pitch’. Hone skills in professional communication, negotiating with clients, developing relationships with stakeholders, presenting and more.

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  • Personal Finance

    USA-BANK1010 | Undergraduate

    Take control of your personal finances. Cover statements, budgeting, taxes, insurance, and even how to make decisions in borrowing, investments and credit. Get hands-on experience with financial tools to manage your wealth. 

  • Business Law

    USA-BLW17 | Undergraduate

    Comprehend how the law affects business operations. Absorb the fundamental legal principles that affect establishing a business, entering into transactions, employees, protecting business assets and protecting proprietary rights. 

  • Business & Society

    USA-MGM14 | Undergraduate

    Critique the ties between society, business, government and the not-for-profit sector. Survey historical and cultural factors and assess their influence on these relationships. Explore topics such as sustainability and ethical decision-making.

  • Contemporary Issues in Accounting

    USA-ACG35 | Undergraduate

    Broaden your knowledge of financial accounting theories and how they're formulated. Appraise the role of professional accounting societies. Dig into proposed accounting principle reforms. Highlight the core approaches to accounting research.

  • Financial Accounting 2

    USA-ACG27 | Undergraduate

    Extend your accounting studies by exploring equity, liabilities and revenue. Reframe your practice to incorporate accounting for leases and income tax. Investigate disclosure issues. Consider statutory requirements as you take on financial reports.

  • Record sustainable thinking’s impact on accounting and reporting practices. Compare traditional accounting methods and triple bottom line accounting. Balance sustainable development concerns against the core concepts of corporate sustainability.

  • Business Intelligence

    USA-ACG22 | Undergraduate

    Monitor the business information system's role in analysing corporate performance. Evaluate established data mining methods. Operate business intelligence software and attack real world problems. Consider privacy, ethical and legal implications.