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  • Child Development for Educators

    CUR-EDC135 | Undergraduate

    Gain an overview of human development from conception to early adolescence. Interpret aspects of development related to age—exploring how the interactions between the child, caregivers, home and school impact children's development.

  • Gain exposure to technology enhanced resources used to support teaching. Evaluate the complexities of the digital world and its impact on education. Sample a range of teaching and learning resources relevant to your development as an educator.

  • Develop confidence in your academic and professional literacy. To teach language, you’ll need to understand the role and value of language in communities. You’ll also need solid personal literacy skills—essential for academic writing and referencing.

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  • Performing Arts for Educators

    CUR-EDC153 | Undergraduate

    Understand the value of dance, drama and music in society alongside children’s developmental growth. Inquiry-based and praxis-led learning will encourage your creative thinking, self-expression, meaning-making and ability to convey ideas. 

  • Discover what the teaching profession means to you and reflect on how this might inform your teaching career. Measure your confidence in what you’ll be teaching. Maximise academic integrity, form your teaching identity, and build your portfolio.  

  • Exploring and Contesting Curriculum

    CUR-EDC140 | Undergraduate

    Comprehend the idea of curriculum. Study key terms, alternative models, processes, products and socio-cultural perspectives. Learn to apply curriculum theory and documents to create learning experiences within the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Educators Inquiring About the World

    CUR-EDC175 | Undergraduate

    Lay the foundations for meaningful interpretation and implementation of curriculum in the context of science and humantities. Seek answers to local and global social and environmental issues using various information and communication technologies.

  • The Numerate Educator

    CUR-EDC145 | Undergraduate

    Develop your personal mathematics competency and confidence. Explore mathematical language and ways of communicating ideas with words, pictures and symbols, then study early number teaching and algebra from a conceptual standpoint.

  • Health and Physical Education

    CUR-EDP255 | Undergraduate

    Appreciate the factors that dictate the importance of health and physical education within the curriculum. Gain knowledge of children's physical and social development to instill positive attitudes towards personal health and activity in learners.