Future of work

Will AI take my job?

Is AI taking over jobs? We do a deep dive into the impending age of AI and weigh up whether AI is really a risk to our jobs, or if the real issue is one of being left behind.

The benefits of lifelong learning

Embracing a life of learning can help you stay relevant in your career and happier in general.

Upskilling or reskilling now will give you more career options

Thanks to the pandemic, new technologies and calls for social progress, the world of work is changing. How will you stay ahead in your industry?

Microcredentials explained

Earning a microcredential can help boost your knowledge in all the right places. But what is a microcredential, exactly?

3 essential soft skills you’ll need in the future workplace

As workplaces evolve, there's a growing demand for certain skills—and they're not all digital. Discover which human-centric skills you'll need to thrive in the office of the future. 

How a healthy immune system helped Open Universities Australia adapt quickly and easily when needed

Open University Australia's Agile Lead, James Pulling, reveals how the organisation adapted in the challenging times brought about by COVID-19. 6 minute read.

Why working 5 days in the office may be a thing of the past

If you were asked to go back to the office for 5 days a week, starting tomorrow, what would be your reaction? As many businesses are finding, employees want a more flexible working environment. 6 minute read.

Future-proofing your career during isolation

Feeling anxious about your career? With coronavirus putting many of our lives on hold, it's understandable. We asked a career expert for her advice. 8 minute read.

Given the pandemic, is online study the way of the future?

While online study has been around for some time, the current situation has been a catalyst for greater uptake in remote learning. Will things revert to how they were, or are they changed for good? 5 minute read.

3 ways to nail your personal brand

Preparing for the modern workforce requires a bit of self-marketing. Here’s how to develop a personal brand and stand out above the rest.

Pandemic pets: The best stories of animals during isolation

From a bulldog that got gloomy to a kitty who became a TV presenter, here are the best anecdotes from people around the world trying to work and study with pets for colleagues.

What the phrase 'human-centred design' really means

Designing better products, services, and care is core to better businesses and a better world. This is where human-centred design comes in. Here’s what it means.