Motel Manager

Hotel and Motel Managers work at the top of the service industry hierarchy. They coordinate the operations of hotels and motels and oversee areas like guest accommodations, meal delivery, customer service, financials, and other technicalities and legalities.

Duties and tasks

  • Acting as liaison to the public as well as to governmental regulatory agencies
  • Directing purchasing, shipping, and receiving
  • Ensuring the facility is safe and clean
  • Evaluating customer service compliments and complaints
  • Guaranteeing the overall smooth and efficient running of the facility
  • Overseeing hotel employees in areas as disparate as reservations, maintenance and cleaning, accounting, and marketing/public relations

Skills required

  • Ability to listen closely to others
  • High organisational and coordination capabilities
  • Motivating employees and identifying the best skill set each employee has to offer
  • Public speaking and other oral and written communications skills
  • Use of logic, reason, and critical thinking

Working conditions

Hotel and Motel Managers work in facilities that run the gamut. Managers may work in small, family-owned inns and beds and breakfasts, in chain motels, or in high-end luxury hotels.

Professional associations / Industry information

Australian Hotels Association
The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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