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This unit covers:

  • UNIT 1 – Exploring Self
  • UNIT 2 – Australia Speaks
  • UNIT 3 – The Texts of Yesteryears
  • UNIT 4 – Media- Fact or Fiction
  • UNIT 5 – Let Them Speak – A Play Study
  • UNIT 6 – Exploring Time and Place
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The unit presumes that you will be self-motivated and capable of self-directed learning (within the guidelines provided by the unit materials).

Special requirements

No special requirements

The subject is a preparatory English subject designed to help you gain the necessary knowledge to enter into a tertiary study. This subject prepares you to learn how language use varies according to context, purpose, audience, content, modes and mediums and how to use it appropriately, effectively and accurately for a variety of purposes. You will also be required to develop higher-order thinking skills through the analysis, evaluation and creation of varied literary and non-literary texts. In studying UNILEARN’s Senior English Program you will improve your English skills and become better equipped for further academic study as the Content, Methods and Assessment tasks have been carefully constructed in order to provide both a challenge and a sense of success.

This subject includes individual tutorial support with an experienced high school English teacher. Tutorial support is via email, phone and an online classroom with discussion forums. There is also a Unilearn Student Support Officer available to help you throughout your study. This subject provides 4 core credits towards you QCE.

The subject has flexible enrolment dates to meet your needs. Start your study when you want and complete the subject anytime within the 12 month enrolment window. This subject is equivalent to year 11/12 English. This subject requires a minimum of 220 hours or 18 weeks to complete. The 18 week option is only available to you if you complete the subject in the online classroom. For international students, an additional $150 is applied to your subject for postage and handling of overseas materials. The cost of the textbook is not included in the subject price.

The final exam is not included in the subject price.The cost of the exam is $75 (International exams $150). For more information please call the Student Advisor team on 13OPEN (13 6736) or visit

Note: Most students take 540 hours to complete the degree as the 220 minimum hours is the learning in the textbook only and does not take into account completing homework, reading time, tutorial help and progress tests. Please keep this in mind when nominating to complete in an accelerated timeframe.

  • Practice Assignments (0%)
  • Written Assignments (20%)
  • Mid-Course Exam (20%)
  • Invigilation by provider (60%)

Textbook information is pending.