Subject details

At the completion of this subject students will be able to:

  1. read Latin script
  2. understand the grammar and syntax of simple Latin texts at word level, phrase level and sentence level
  3. identify relevant Latin vocabulary
  4. translate simple Latin texts
  5. write and/or type in Latin.
  • Topics
    • Verbs: person, tense
    • Nouns
    • Adjectives; irregular verbs - esse, posse
    • Verbs: voice, mood
    • Pronouns I: demonstrative adjectives
    • Participles: deponent, semi-deponent verbs
    • Verbs: subjunctive mood; sequence of tenses
    • Pronouns II: 4th and 5th declension nouns
    • Revision and examination
  • Study resources
    • Instructional Methods
      • Disscusion forum/Discussion Board
      • Online Quizzes/Tests
      • Online assignment submission
      • Standard Media
    • Online Materials
      • Resources and Links

Entry Requirements

Equivalent Subjects

You cannot enrol in this unit if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • MAQ-AHIX218
  • MAQ-HST230

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject was previously known as AHIX218 Latin A...

This subject is designed to establish sound foundations in basic Latin forms and constructions, to teach the reading of Latin sentences and passages of increasing difficulty and to teach the writing of Latin sentences.

  • Assignment 1 - Assignment 1 — Prose Compositions (20%)
  • Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 — Document analysis (15%)
  • Assignment 3 - Invigilated Exam (40%)
  • Assignment 4 - Participation (10%)
  • Assignment 5 - Test — Grammar Quizzes (15%)

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