Subject details

Students are expected to:

  1. compose several pieces of conceptually developed creative writing and understand the value of drafting and revision
  2. reflect on student’s own creative writing processes
  3. identify, engage with and apply concepts of narrative form in creative writing
  4. employ written and language skills in different creative writing contexts
  5. participate in group-interaction and collaborative learning environments
  6. demonstrate professional skills appropriate to the subject
  7. practise academic honesty in scholarly and creative writing.
    • Introduction
    • Processes
    • Reflection
    • Approaches to Writing
    • Story in Narrative
    • Time in Narrative
    • Focalization
    • Language
    • Writing Place and Culture
    • Memory
    • Creativity

Equivalent subjects

You cannot enrol in this subject if you have successfully completed any of the following subject(s) because they are considered academically equivalent:

  • MAQ-ENGX201
  • MAQ-ENG210

Special requirements

No special requirements

This is a practical subject that introduces students to various approaches and ways of thinking about creative writing. The subject consists of a series of workshops and lectures covering a range of creative writing skills and topics. Students are encouraged to be experimental and adventurous in their writing. Each seminar addresses a different creative writing topic so that students can engage with different genres, methods and approaches. The workshops are interactive; they aim to increase understanding of the process of creative writing. Assessment of each student's creative work is based on development and realisation of a topic, language use and the writing skills, structure and overall presentation as well as demonstrated engagement with subject topics in all set assignments and on-course writing exercises.

  • CreativeWriting & Reflection I (30%)
  • CreativeWriting & Reflection 2 (40%)
  • Online Forum & Online Workshop (20%)
  • Quizzes on Readings (10%)

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