Subject details

1. Demonstration of independent critical research analysis leading to the communication of an essay based argument

2. Ability to work contextually between genres, eras and print, film and online media

3. Ability to apply literary insights into broader social and environmental contexts

4. Professionalism in terms of punctuality, prompt explanation of absences, fulfilment of set subject tasks, task management, team-based communication and presentation of work

5. Ability to employ the skills and insights of this subject in further learning and to encourage the learning of others

    • TBC - the unit is still being developed


ENGX120 and two ENGX subjects at 200 level or above

Special requirements

No special requirements

This subject explores contemporary Australian novels, fiction, graphic works and online narratives through the prism of digital communications and culture. How have established, world-renowned novelists such as Peter Carey positioned ‘digital natives’ as characters? How are major 21st century issues such as asylum seekers, climate change, terrorism, cyberbullying, Indigenous affairs, multiculturalism, LGBTIQ rights reflected in longer and shorter fictional formats? How has the digital arena changed the language, practice and forms of writing now being offered to the reading public? How has the late 20th century been newly constructed as ‘historical’ while the late 21st century is reimagined as the immediate future? These are some of the key questions of the subject, enhanced by student input, online research and a visit to or engagement with an Australian Writers’ Festival.

  • author analysis 1500 words (30%)
  • online discussion forum (20%)
  • early feedback quiz (10%)
  • 2000 words (40%)

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